We offer earth-conscious event planning services as well as C.A.M.P. sponsored events and projects. Our team specializes in Earth based, Traditional/ holistic healing, and culturally regenerative projects such as; events, workshops, retreats and various learning opportunities.


Our mission is to be a part of the movement toward a more environmentally and community conscious culture through offering earth-conscious event planning and projects.


Earth Conscious Projects

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C.A.M.P. Community Action Mentoring Projects - Last Updated: January 4/2016

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Last Updated: January 4/2016


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2016 goals and events

Technology is changing the world and opening up so many new opportunities for growth and personal advancement. It’s time to take off the shackles of old worn out paradigms that so many of us never fit into. Now more than ever, conscious co-creators are needed to bring their gifts to humanity and put our energies into creative projects that will help the world become a better place.

If you’re reading this, YOU may be being called to bring your gifts to more people than was ever previously possible.

Two available options:

Option 1: Create a Mentoring Course with us! ( No initial charge)

Option 2: Hire us to help you create and launch a course for your own website.

E-course 101

Mystical Mae Moon is a locally owned and operated Metaphysical/New Age Shoppe located in Windsor, Ontario. We are on Tecumseh Road East between Lincoln and Windemere, in the Windemere Building.

We carry a large selection of locally made goods, as well as imports. We try to support local artists and craftsmen before looking to import something.

1666 Tecumseh Rd East - Visit their website


Digital Downloads

Authors Jon Young, Sal Genecarelle and Ingwe have their books available for download. Get them NOW.

Kamana Naturalist Club of Windsor-Essex

Calling local nature geeks!! FREE Naturalist Club of Windsor-Essex County Ontario. More INFO about..

A grassroots group which has been fighting to block a big box development next to protected Ojibway complex lands


Would you like to make some extra cash as our affiliate… or would you like to advertise with us?  We’re really ramping things up and we love community building.  It is in our name after all!  There are many creative solutions we can offer each other. Contact us for details.


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