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Our mission is to be a part of the movement toward a more environmentally and community conscious culture through offering earth-conscious event planning and projects.

We offer earth-conscious event planning services as well as C.A.M.P. sponsored events and projects. Our team specializes in earth based, traditional/ holistic healing, and culturally regenerative projects such as; events, workshops, retreats and various learning opportunities.

If you’re a Knowledge Holder, inspirational speaker, Teacher, or Elder, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to bring your message to the world.

E-Courses by: C.A.M.P.

Calling local nature geeks!! FREE Naturalist Club of Windsor-Essex County Ontario.

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Community Action Mentoring Projects

Kamana Naturalist Club

Earth Conscious Projects

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“People coming together as a community can make things happen.” - Jacob Rees-Mogg